Development of novel tumor selective therapeutic and diagnostic agents

SPAGO Pix och spruta - NY

Spago Nanomedical

Spago Nanomedical conducts research and development in the nanomedicine field with focus on cancer diagnostics and treatment

Spago Pix- cancer selective contrast agent for improved MRI-diagnostics

Our main diagnostic project is development of the cancer selective contrast agent for  magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Spago Pix. By improving conditions for cancer diagnosis by MRI, malignant tumors and metastases can be discovered earlier.

Cancer selective therapeutics

Within the therapeutic area, development is focused on Tumorad and Archaea Platin. Tumorad,  a nano-sized carrier for cancer selective radionuclide therapy, aims at delivering a controlled radiation dose to the tumor while sparing surrounding tissue, thereby increasing treatment efficiency and reducing the risk of side effects. Archaea Platin is a protein based drug delivery system designed to deliver the chemotherapeutic drug cisplatin in a controlled manner to tumors, thereby reducing unwanted systemic side effects of the drug.






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