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Management Team

Mats Hansen

Chief Executive Officer, MSc, PhD

Prior to joining Spago Nanomedical Mats Hansen was at Active Biotech where he has held various positions within information management, IP, business development and project management. Mats led Active Biotech’s pharmaceutical development project within prostate cancer, tasquinimod, through the late stage clinical development phases.

Oskar Axelsson

VP and Chief Scientific Officer, MSc, PhD

Oskar has more than 25 years of experience from pharmaceutical as well as contrast agent research. He joined Nycomed Innovation (subsequently Nycomed-Amersham, Amersham Health, GE Healthcare) in 1997 as senior scientist and project leader in the area of MRI contrast agents. Oskar joined Spago Nanomedical (then Spago Imaging) in 2007. He has over 50 patent applications and is the author of several scientific publications.