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What is Nanomedicine?

Nanothechnology deals with developing or altering materials on a nanometer scale in order to achieve sought after properties on a larger scale. The uses of nanotechnology are extensive and are expected to radically affect most industry sectors, especially within the medical area.

Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology and involves the use of nanoscale materials to diagnose, treat and follow up on disease. When it comes to conventional cancer therapies, adverse effects are common. These are commonly due to the fact that the treatments affect not only the tumor but also healthy tissue. Nanomedicine brings the potential to utilize physiological qualities distinguishing between healthy and diseased tissue. Thereby the potential for successful treatment increases whereas the risk of adverse effects is reduced.

The EPR-effect

Spago Nanomedicals nanomaterial make use of the so called EPR-effect which enables for cancer selective accumulation of nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic products. Read more…

Companion diagnostics

The pharmaceutical and health care industry focuses increasingly on personalized medicine. So called companion diagnostics aims at applying a diagnostic agent in order to get information about the efficacy and safety of a corresponding therapeutic agent. Companion Diagnostics is expected to become a useful tool within the field of nanomedicine. Read more…