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Our development projects build on many years of research and development. Here we have collected scientific material relating to our products and technical platforms.

Scientific Publications

Research Article – PLoSOne 2014: Novel Nano-Sized MR Contrast Agent Mediates Strong Tumor Contrast Enhancement in an Oncogene-Driven Breast Cancer Model

Conference Poster – ECR 2014: Strong tumor MR contrast enhancement with novel nanomaterial in an oncogene-driven breast cancer model

Conference Abstract – CMR 2015: Research Article – PLoSOne 2014: Novel Nano-Sized Manganese-based MRI CM Enhancing Tumours in an Oncogene-Driven Breast Cancer Model

Degree Projects

Syntheses and Evaluation of Peptoids as Bioinert Coatings for Nanoparticles

Development of a method for bioanalysis of a nanomaterial in biological matrices

In Vitro Studies on the Uptake of Ion-X-Gel Precursor and SPIO by Various Cell Types

Developing a method for extraction of nanomaterial from biological matrices

Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Specific Generation of Oxidative Stress


Protocol – Mn determination

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet Radiotherapy

Fact Sheet Nanomaterial

Fact Sheet MRI

Fact Sheet Manganese


Animation EPR-effect

Animation SpagoPix