Precision Nanomedicine for Improved Diagnosis and Treatment

Tumorad® – Expanding Effective Radionuclide Therapy

SpagoPix – Improved Precision in MRI

Precision Nanomedicine for Improved Diagnosis and Treatment

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Precision MRI

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Targeted radionuclide therapy

An Emerging Nanomedicine Leader

Spago Nanomedical is a Swedish nanomedicine company in clinical development phase with a proprietary platform of polymeric materials to bring more precise imaging diagnostics and treatment of life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

Our development projects, SpagoPix and Tumorad® have unique properties with potential to significantly improve healthcare for the benefit of patients. With SpagoPix, initial clinical data indicate that the candidate drug SN132D provides MRI-images with good contrast in breast tumors, the liver and the pancreas, without compromising safety. Improved precision in imaging increase chances of successful and cost-efficient treatment of patients. With Tumorad®, preclinical results support favorable accumulation of candidate drug SN201 in aggressive tumors and delayed tumor growth at clinically useful doses. This opens up a wide range of applications for SN201 in the treatment of different cancer indications.

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