Master thesis demonstrates low cytotoxicity of the IonXgel nanomaterial

In a recently presented degree project, master student Hampus Lundqvist has evaluated cytotoxicity and cellular uptake of the empty IonXgel nanomaterial in various cell lines. In summary, out of four analyzed cell lines (HepG2, Jurkat, L929, RAW264.7 and HUVEC), only HUVEC showed signs of altered metabolism using the CellTiter blue assay, demonstrating low general cytotoxicity of IonXgel. According to analysis of cellular uptake of IonXgel using ICP-AES and immunohistochemitry, consistent uptake of nanomaterial was shown only for RAW264.7-cells. Previous analysis of Spago Pix (manganese loaded IonXgel) uptake, has shown that the nanomaterial leaks significantly more from vessels in tumor tissue than from non-tumor vessels, leading to selective accumulation in tumor tissue.   Link to Thesis in PDF