31 Oct, 2023

Bulletin from the Extraordinary General Meeting of Spago Nanomedical AB on 31 October 2023

Spago Nanomedical AB (publ) (”Spago Nanomedical” or ”Company”) held an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) today. The EGM resolved in accordance with all proposals presented by the board.

Prior to the EGM, the board had presented, among other things, proposals for resolution on:

  • A fully secured new issue of shares and warrants with preferential rights for the shareholders (the ”Rights Issue”). The shares and warrants shall be issued in units, whereby each unit shall consist of one (1) share and one (1) free warrant. The rights issue comprises a maximum of 127,321,212 units, which are issued at a subscription price of SEK 0.24 per unit. The resolution means that Spago Nanomedical's share capital can initially increase by a maximum of SEK 12,732,121.20 by issuing a maximum of 127,321,212 shares, and upon full utilization of the maximum 127,321,212 warrants of series TO12 issued in the Rights Issue, the Company's share capital can increase with an additional maximum of SEK 12,732,121.20. The record date for the Rights Issue is November 7, 2023, and units can be subscribed during the period from and including November 9, 2023 to and including November 23, 2023.
  • Authorisation for the board to resolve on a new issue of shares and/or warrants, with or without deviating from the shareholders' preferential rights, with the aim of (i) being able to offer investors who acted as guarantors in the Rights Issue (but not persons in the Company's management or board or their close persons) to receive all or parts of their guarantee compensation in the form of newly issued shares in the Company, (ii) enable capital acquisitions if market conditions are deemed suitable and (iii) to broaden Spago Nanomedical's ownership base by offering financial and industrial investors to invest in the Company.

The EGM resolved according to the board’s proposals.

More information about the Rights Issue is available on Spago Nanomedical’s website, www.spagonanomedical.se.