8 Jun, 2017

Spago Nanomedical and Charles River Laboratories announce agreement forpreclinical studies of SpagoPix

Spago Nanomedical has selected Charles River Laboratories, a leading global CRO, to conduct regulatory preclinical toxicology and safety studies of SpagoPix before clinical trials.

The SpagoPix project is advancing towards clinical trials and the product candidate SN132D has shown good effect and safety in pilot tests. The agreement with Charles River covers GLP-studies aiming for generation of regulatory toxicity and safety data that are required for initiation of first-in-man studies.

Production of SN132D to cater for the amounts needed in the regulatory preclinical program is ongoing. The program will commence during the summer and is expected to be ongoing for approximately 7 months.

”We are looking forward to initiate the regulatory preclinical program with Charles River to prepare for clinical trials with SN132D in the best way possible. The clinical program is expected to commence during 2018”, says Mats Hansen, CEO of Spago Nanomedical.  

”Our leading team of safety assessment experts is looking forward to collaborating with Spago Nanomedical to progress SN132D through a regulatory preclinical program,” said William Barbo, Corporate Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer at Charles River.