24 Oct, 2023

Spago Nanomedical applies for extended patent protection for Tumorad®

Spago Nanomedical AB (publ) announces the publication of four new patent applications filed with the European Patent Office (EPO) to expand and extend the patent protection for the company's radionuclide therapy Tumorad. If granted, Tumorad will receive protection in all strategically key markets, including the EU, US and Japan, until at least 2042.

The applications relate to composition patents and together they cover the various key components of the drug candidate 177Lu-SN201.

"Strong patent protection is fundamental to the future commercialization of our projects. Given that these patent applications are granted, we significantly strengthen the intellectual property protection for Tumorad", said Mats Hansen, CEO of Spago Nanomedical.

Spago Nanomedical's ambition is to secure patent protection for all the company's projects in all strategically important markets. The company has previously been granted product protection for Tumorad and the drug candidate 177Lu-SN201 in the key markets, EU, USA and Japan, until 2035.

Recently, Spago Nanomedical received approval to start a first clinical phase I/IIa study with the drug candidate 177Lu-SN201 in cancer patients and the first patient is expected to be included shortly.