5 Mar, 2018

Spago Nanomedical to be granted US patent for Tumorad®

Spago Nanomedical have received a Notice of Allowance indicating that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) intend to grant the company´s patent application comprising product protection for Tumorad® in the USA.

The patent (Nanostructures and applications thereof, 15/129,229) means that Spago Nanomedical gains product protection for Tumorad® in the USA, one of the strategically most important markets for radionuclide therapies. It includes the company´s unique nanoparticles and will secure market exclusivity in the USA until at least 2035.

”Strong patents are key components for future outlicensing. The current patent will provide excellent product protection for Tumorad® in the single most important market for cancer therapies”, says Mats Hansen, CEO of Spago Nanomedical.

The application for product protection is submitted in all substantial markets and further approvals in e.g. EU and Japan are pending.

Tumorad® is currently in lead optimization phase and activities for fine tuning the material with regards to circulation time in vivo are ongoing. The aim is to enter preclinical proof of concept studies as soon as possible.