22 Mar, 2017

Anna Sundlöv nominated to the board of directors in Spago Nanomedical

Anna Sundlöv, clinical oncologist specialized in radionuclide therapy of cancer, is nominated to the board of Spago Nanomedical.

“Anna brings expertise that is highly relevant to the Tumorad project for development of a new radionuclide therapy for cancer. The project has gained from the progress in the SpagoPix project that is now being prepared for clinical development. The progress allows us to increase the pace of development towards the clinic also for Tumorad”, says Eva Redhe, Chair of Spago Nanomedical.      

Anna Sundlöv is senior consultant in medical oncology, specialized in endocrine tumors and radionuclide therapy. She is also Head of the Oncology Clinical Research Unit at Skåne University Hospital and has previously held leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry.

The other members of the board, Eva Redhe (chair), Andreas Bunge, Peter Wulff, Peter Leander, and Sten Nilsson, are nominated for re-election. The Annual General Meeting will be held in Lund on May 17, 2017.

The nomination is supported by shareholders controlling 40.1% of the company shares, including Peter Lindell, Eva Redhe, Mikael Lönn, and Andreas Bunge.