19 Apr, 2022

Extended SpagoPix patent protection in Japan

Spago Nanomedical AB (publ) has received notice from the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) that it intends to grant the company’s patent application including a critical component of the SpagoPix candidate drug SN132D. The granted patent will extend protection of SpagoPix in Japan until at least 2038.

JPO has issued a Notice of Allowance which means the patent will be granted following confirmation of Spago Nanomedical and payment of applicable fees. The granted patent, titled “Chemical Compounds for Coating of Nanostructures” (application no. 2019-537162), provides Spago Nanomedical with additional protection for SpagoPix in Japan. The patent contains claims for the proprietary coating material that is part of the company’s unique nanoparticles. The granted patent provides extended market exclusivity for SpagoPix in Japan until at least 2038.

The patent was previously granted in Europe, and further approvals in additional countries, including the USA, are expected.