19 May, 2022

Spago Nanomedical enters into an agreement on a liquidity guarantee

Spago Nanomedical AB has entered into an agreement with Erik Penser Bank AB (“Penser Bank”) to act as a liquidity guarantor for the company's share. The liquidity guarantee will start to run from 2022-05-20.

In its assignment as liquidity guarantor, Penser Bank will ensure the opportunity to trade in the company's shares by continuously placing trading items on each buy and sell page in the order book. This is in accordance with Nasdaq First North Growth Market's regulations regarding liquidity guarantee and means that the liquidity guarantor quotas the purchase and sale volume corresponding to SEK 15,000 with a spread of a maximum of 4% between the buy and sell price. The purpose of the liquidity guarantee is to improve the liquidity of the share and reduce the difference between the bid and ask price during ongoing trading.