25 Jan, 2017

SpagoPix product patent approved in Japan

Spago Nanomedical announce today that the Japanese patent authorities has decided to approve the company´s patent application comprising the nanoparticles that are the foundation of the SpagoPix project.

The approved patent (Manganese comprising nanostructures, 2014-531227) means that Spago Nanomedical gains strategic market protection for SpagoPix on the world´s third largest market for MRI contrast agents. The patent include the company´s unique nanoparticles which will now gain market exclusivity in Japan until at least 2032.

The application for product protection is submitted in all substantial markets and patent has previously been granted in e.g. USA.

Late 2016 the product candidate SN132D was appointed in the SpagoPix project and production of material for regulatory tox- and safety studies is underway. The aim is work with a well-established CRO for initiation of the program as soon as possible.