20 Apr, 2016

Peter Wulff nominated to the board of directors of Spago Nanomedical

One of the main profiles of danish life science, Peter Wulff, is nominated to the board of directors at the annual general meeting of Spago Nanomedical, replacing Jörgen Buus Lassen who has declined re-election. As co-founder and operational executive of several well-recognized companies, such as NeuroSearch and Bavarian Nordic, Peter Wulff brings a wealth of experience from regulatory development and commercialisation of life science projects.

”Peter Wulff is a proven entrepreneur and leader with impressive merits in life science. We are sincerely delighted that Peter has accepted the nomination to the board of Spago. His extensive experience of pharmaceutical development, negotiation and execution of commercial deals, and expertise in intellectual property will be extremely valuable for the regualtory development and future commecialisation of Spago Nanomedical´s projects”, says Eva Redhe, Chair of Spago Nanomedical.

The company recently announced completion of the final composition of the active ingredient of SpagoPix, the most important company milestone so far and a crucial step towards a product candidate and transition to regulatory development. SpagoPix is a contrast agent that selectively accumulates in tumors and have the potential to significantly improve cancer diagnostics with MRI. The next step is to finalize the product candidate and carry out regulatory preclinical development, which leads to the next milestone; initiation of clinical trials.                                             

”The projects of Spago Nanomedical have the potential to become first of its kind products in diagnosis and therapy of cancer. Both are areas in great need of alternatives for the improvement of cancer outcome in many patients”, says Mr. Wulff.

Peter Wulff currently acts as independent biotechnology consultant with focus on patents, licensing and strategy, and has extensive experience of managerial and board positions in different life science companies. He recently co-founded and served as CEO of Sentinext Tehrapeutics in Malaysia, a company that is developing vaccines against serious virus-mediated diseases. He was previously CEO and President of Bavarian Nordic for 13 years. Mr. Wulff was also a co-founder of NeuroSearch where he served as Director of Patents and Licensing. He has also been a licensed European Patent Attorney and holds a Master of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Copenhagen.

For further information, contact Mats Hansen, CEO Spago Nanomedical AB, +46 767 764294, mats.hansen@spagonanomedical.se.

Spago Nanomedical (AktieTorget Stockholm: SPAG) develops nanomaterials for cancer diagnostics and therapy. The company´s development activities are primarily focused on the cancer selective MRI-contrast agent SpagoPix, and the Tumorad-project for cancer selective radionuclide therapy of cancer. The business concept of Spago Nanomedical is to develop projects from explorative to regulatory preclinical or early clinical phase, and then out-license or enter partnership for continued development of the projects to market launch.

The aim of SpagoPix is to improve cancer diagnostics using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) by facilitating early discovery of tumors and metastases. Early discovery improves the chances of efficient treatment and survival of cancer patients. Tumorad is a further development of the company´s proprietary nanoparticles with the purpose of delivering radionuclides for tumor selective radiation therapy of cancer. Access to new therapies is essential for effective treatment of many forms of cancer. Spago Nanomedical collaborates with well-established and reputable patent consultants to continuously strengthen the intellectual property protection of the projects.  

For further information, go to www.spagonanomedical.se.

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