Promising results in toxicological pilot studies with SpagoPix

Collective data from recently completed toxicity studies show that the product candidate SN132D can be given safely at doses that widely exceeds the expected clinical dose.

At the end of 2016, Spago Nanomedical formally announced its product candidate in the SpagoPix project. The product candidate, designated SN132D, has now been investigated in several preclinical pilot studies in order to reduce risk and prepare for the regulatory safety program prior to clinical studies.

The pilot studies has been performed as a series of in vivo experiments where acute- and sub-acute toxicology has been investigated at different doses of SN132D. Analyses includes e.g. hematological factors, as well as histological evaluation of vital organs. All data from the pilot studies collectively support the safety of SN132D at doses that widely exceed the expected clinical dose.

SN132D has also been subject to pilot testing in a cell-based system for mutagenicity, known as Ames test, where SN132D were significantly free of genotoxicity.

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Spago Nanomedical (AktieTorget Stockholm: SPAG) develops nanomaterials for cancer diagnostics and therapy. The company´s development activities are primarily focused on the cancer selective MRI-contrast agent SpagoPix, and the Tumorad®-project for cancer selective radionuclide therapy of cancer. The business concept of Spago Nanomedical is to develop projects from explorative to regulatory preclinical or early clinical phase, and then out-license or enter partnership for continued development of the projects to market launch. Spago Nanomedical collaborates with well-established and reputable patent consultants to continuously strengthen the intellectual property protection of the projects.

The aim of SpagoPix is to improve cancer diagnostics using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) by facilitating early discovery of tumors and metastases. Early discovery improves the chances of efficient treatment and survival of cancer patients. Tumorad® is a further development of the company´s proprietary nanoparticles with the purpose of delivering radionuclides for tumor selective radiation therapy of cancer. Access to new therapies is essential for effective treatment of many forms of cancer.

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